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Wish Upon

Be careful with your wishes, they might come true, “is an old Asian proverb. The teenager Claire (Joey King) does not want much – the outsider just wants some recognition and great love. There she receives a mysterious music box from her father (Ryan Phillippe), whose inscription promises to fulfill seven wishes.
First, everything is going well for Claire, fate seems to turn to good. The outsider is suddenly in great demand and finally finds her dream friend. But the sinister box calls for a bloody price. Quickly it turns out that the fulfillment of their desires will kill everyone who loves Claire.
“Wish Upon” – background
After director John R. Leonetti brought the successful Horrorfilm “Annabelle” to the cinema in 2014, he now stages a pure-bred, supernatural shocker. An uncanny box, a group of teenagers – the success recipe promises entertaining horror fun in the style of “Possession” and “The Bye Bye Man”.
Director John R. Leonetti is not the only horror veteran to work on “Wish Upon”. The main actress Joey King, for example, was already in the surprise hit “Conjuring – The Visitation” from the year 2013 before the camera. Ryan Phillippe is also known from the classic “I know what you did last summer”.

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