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What Happened to Monday?

Karen Settman is seven people. In a bleak future, the government has passed a rigid one-child policy. Each family can only have one child to prevent the imminent overpopulation of the planet. The policy is enforced by an unscrupulous executor (Glenn Close), who heads the police state. But behind the name Karen Settman hides a secret that could change everything.
When the almost identical seven-childlings Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (respectively Noomi Rapace) are born, their dissident grandfather (Willem Dafoe) comes up with a brilliant idea: they are all hidden in his house and are only allowed to play on the day of the week, after which they are named, leave the apartment. For this they accept the cover identity Karen Settman. So it seems to the outside world, as if there were only one Karen, while in reality it is played by seven different persons. But one day Monday disappears – and suddenly the other twins are in danger of finally being unmasked.
While most Hollywood actors can already play a double role in the highlights of their careers, “Prometheus” star Noomi Rapace (“Millennium Trilogy”) is setting a new record. Seven characters are played by the Swede. However, the star potential of the science fiction thriller “What Happened to Monday?” (Original title: “Seven Sisters”) has by no means been exhausted. With Willem Dafoe (“John Wick”, “Nymphomaniac”) and Glenn Close (“The Girl with All the Gifts”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”), two real Hollywood heavyweights are on board to create the genius sci-fi setting to bring to life.
The dark thriller is staged by director Tommy Wirkola, who already proved with “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunter” that he has a knack for coolly staged action. In the background are also the screenwriters Max Botkin (“Robosapien: Rebooted”) and Kerry Williamson (“Alex Cross”), who have submitted a draft with the original script to “Seven Sisters”, which immediately puts it on the blacklist of Hollywood’s most popular has made unfilmed scripts. Streaming rights for the US market were bought by Netflix in 2016.

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