West Coast

Copkiller, Flé-O, Delete and King Kong swear by their tagged caps, baggy jeans and gangsta gold rappers chains. But these bad boys of the West Coast are actually Malo, Erwan, Loïc and Brieuc, four clumsy and spotty teenagers and they live indeed on the west coast … but in Plougoumelen in Brittany!
On the eve of the holidays, Sylvain, a popular student, humiliates them before the whole class. But we do not touch their “Gang” like that. The four friends of childhood decide to go to the party that brings together the whole college to regain their reputation.
Stealing a revolver, losing him, smoking his first joint, escaping the gendarmes, never having been so close to a girl in his underwear … In a day, Copkiller and his band will live the last adventure of their childhood, the one Will remain etched forever in their memory.

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