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Not every cuddly animal that runs across the assembly line of a toy factory is perfect. But what happens to the faulty, decommissioned models that do not make it into the toy business? They end up in “Uglyville” – a city where nobody has to be sad because of their fate, instead their own otherness is celebrated here!
Still, Moxy (pronounced by Kelly Clarkson in the original) asks, a pink plush doll with a cute tooth gap, which is far from the borders of Uglyville. She decides to explore what’s behind the high rocks that surround Uglyville. Together with her friends Lucky Bat, Babo, Ugly Dog and Wage, she sets off to find the “Institute for Perfection”. Here, the puppets practice in perfection and flawlessness, before they go through a test and are finally assigned to a suitable child.
Lou (Nick Jonas) is an absolutely flawless puppet and director of the institute. He is not at all pleased with Moxy’s plans and tries to prevent the UglyDolls from making it to the “big world” to make a child happy there. Can Lou put the UglyDolls in their place? Or can Moxy and her friends, despite their shortcomings, find a suitable child?

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