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The Terrible Two

In the horror film by Billy Lewis, a mother can not handle the deaths of her daughters until the two children suddenly return on their birthday.
Rose (Cari Moskow) is currently very pregnant when she and her husband Albert Poe (Reid Doyle) buy a beautiful house in tranquil Greenfield, North Carolina. This is where the children are supposed to grow up, but things are different. Seven years later, Rose is devastated: her two daughters Addie (Arielle Breslerman) and Jade (Ariana Baron) died in an accident a year ago.
The grief of Rose soon takes on disturbing features, even the therapist dr. Connor (Devin McGee) does not know how to handle her claims that she sees her two daughters. Rose talks to Addie and Jade as if they were in the room right now. What really happened then? The answer is deeply hidden in the bloodthirsty story of the house – Addie and Jade are not the only victims.

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