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The Sun Is Also a Star

Drama about Natasha and Daniel falling head over heels in love. But the two have only one day, because Natasha has to leave the country.
Young Jamaican Natasha Kinglsey (Yara Shahidi) is a pragmatic physics student living in New York. One day, as she’s lost in thought and with headphones on her ears, wandering through the hectic streets of the Big Apple, she barely escapes a car accident. Her Savior: Aspiring Yale student Daniel Bae (Charles Melton).
Natasha does not believe in destiny or love because they are not measurable. Nevertheless, it immediately crackles between the two strangers and they spend a magical day together. However, the young luck is limited in time, because Natasha and her family are expelled and have to leave the country the very next day.
The young woman is energetic and still tries to take action against the deportation of her family. At the same time she fights against her burgeoning feelings for Daniel, who worked just as hard to convince her that the two are meant for each other.
Was it destiny that gave the two a little push to cross their paths? And if so, can it make sure they stay happy and not thousands of miles away the next day?

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