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The Silence

In the horror film of “Annabelle” director John Leonetti, mutant bats attack the family of a deaf teenager. Only those who survive will survive.
They live in a cave system deep underground. Silent hunters perfectly adapted to the darkness. Only with their hearing, the bats locate their victim. In the American state of New Jersey, when a colony of harmless bats is attacked by a parasite, the animals change. A new species emerges, the Vesps. Efficient killers who are attracted by the slightest noise.
In the midst of the catastrophe, Ally’s family (Kiernan Shipka) is struggling to survive. The teenager grew up without hearing, her other senses were sharpened by it. Ally feels the presence of the Vesps even before they can strike. Together with her parents, she flees deep into the forest. Because not only the mutated bats are a danger, but also the last survivors.
With the monster horror film “The Silence” comes in the year 2018 after “A Quiet Place” already the second shocker, which turns for a survival in silence. The fact that such a concept works excellently has been impressively demonstrated by “A Quiet Place”. The names behind “The Silence” give hope for a similar success. The horror film is staged by John R. Leonetti, who has already proven himself with “Annabelle”, “Wolves at the Door” or “Wish Upon”.
The cast of “The Silence” includes leading actress Kiernan Shipka (“Mad Men”) as well as Stanley Tucci (“Transformers: The Last Knight”) and Miranda Otto (“Anabelle 2”). The story of the monster movie is based on the eponymous novel by British horror author Tim Lebbon, whose story “Pay the Ghost” was filmed with Nicolas Cage in the lead role.

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