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The Secret Life of Pets

Animation fun from the creators of “Me – Simply Incorrigible”, where pets, alone at home, indulge in their sometimes unusual, personal hobbies.
In keeping with the “I – Simply Incorrigible” series, whose creators are on board again, the quirks and behavior patterns of pets are treated humorously. Led by the clever terrier Max (in the original Louis C. K., in German Jan Josef Liefers), various pets of a neighborhood are shown. So cat Chloe (Lake Bell, Martina Hill) can not wait to steal the chicken from the fridge, the budgie Sweetpea enjoys the television and the airflow of the fan, Poodle Leonard hears rocking sounds from the sound system and the mops Mel (Bobby Moynihan Mario Barth) sells the squirrels on the tree in front of the window. Max, on the other hand, is simply looking forward to the return of his fancy. However, he is unsettled when the hybrid Duke (Eric Stonestreet, Dietmar Bär) shows up and is about to dispute Max’s status in the group. As they land on the streets of New York as part of their rivalry, they meet Rabbit Snowball (Kevin Hart, Fahri Yedrim), who mobilizes a pack of released pets for his former owners and those pets for his release from a previous owner. who have replaced her to swear revenge. Duke and Max have to gather to warn their masters, mistresses and friends of the angry mob.
The animal adventure is staged by Chris Renaud and Yarrow Cheney, who have already collaborated on the “I – Simply Incorrigible” movies. The voices of the animated, best friends of man come in the original among others from Louis C.K. and Kevin Hart, who are working as spokespersons for an animated film for the first time.

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