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The Lego Ninjago Movie

With the magnificent “The Lego Movie” Warner and Lego have shown that the small square males also work on the big screen. At that time, the ludicrous story that brings together the popular worlds of the popular game maker became an unexpected surprise hit. In addition to the ironic basic tenor and postmodern joke, the children’s film convinced with a profound subtext about the possibilities and limitations of creativity. Now, more Lego spin-offs should build on the success. The Lego Ninjas were launched in 1998 by the game manufacturer. Since 2011 also flickers the same TV series “Ninjago” on the screens. The story takes place in the mystical realm of Ninjago, which is based on a mix of Far Eastern mythology and wildly connects Japanese and Chinese worlds. Sensei Wu and his six Ninja students Lloyd, Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane and Nya are in the center and go on crazy adventures.
In what form the “Lego: Ninjago Film” wants to reissue the TV series is not yet known. Probably the TV characters are also in the screen adaptation as the main characters. And new characters will definitely come for the film. Probably the Ninjago movie, as its predecessors, put a lot of emphasis on action, combat and joke. The director is Charlie Bean, who has previously been responsible for television series such as “Power Puff Girls” and “Robotboy”. In addition, the screenwriters Dan Hageman and Kevin Hageman (“The Lego Movie”) are back. The Ninjago movie is scheduled for release in September 2017. Around the same time, “The Lego Movie 2” and a separate “Batman Lego Movie” are planned. In addition, we can certainly look forward to a new series of games around Ninjago, which comes in parallel to the movie in the trade.

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