The Gentlemen

The clever and tough American Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey) has built a million dollar marijuana empire in exile in the UK. Its fabric is not only the best in the country, but is also consumed in the rest of Europe. As good as business is going, Mickey wants to get out to spend more time with his wife Rosalind (Michelle Dockery). This is where his old contact in the USA comes into play, the eccentric billionaire Matthew Berger (Jeremy Strong). Before this Mickey’s exit, Berger wants guarantees first.

Too bad that the petty criminals of the British metropolis are now getting wind and all sense the big money and see their chance to finally wipe out Mickey. In addition to Dry Eye (Henry Golding), an oriental brutal gangster, and greasy private detective Fletcher (Hugh Grant), Mickey’s right hand Ray (Charlie Hunnam) suddenly has more to do than he likes. Murder, manslaughter, bribery and nasty deceptions are now the order of the day.

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