The Finest Hours

On February 18, 1952, one of the worst storms ever experienced on the east coast of the United States struck New England. It ravages the coastal towns and destroys everything in its path, including two 150-meter tankers. The SS Pendleton and SS Fort Mercer, en route to Boston (Massachusetts) and Portland (Maine) respectively, are literally broken in two. The crews remain trapped inside vessels destined to sink quickly.
The first assistant mechanic Ray Sybert, an officer in charge at the stern of the Pendleton, soon realized that he had to take over terrified sailors and get them to work together to keep the ship afloat for as long as possible. While the coast guards in Chatham, Massachusetts are doing their best to help the fishermen protect their boats from the storm, they learn that the two tankers in distress drift off Cape Cod. First master Daniel Cluff, recently appointed head of the rescue station, immediately sends rescue boat CG 36500 under the command of Captain Bernie Webber. The latter and his crew of three men embarked on a perilous mission aboard their under-sized craft in view of the unleashed elements, an 11-meter wooden canoe. Even before they leave the port, they lose the windscreen and the navigation compass. Despite hurricane-force winds, 20-meter-high waves, frigid temperatures and near-zero visibility, they managed to miraculously locate the Pendleton. At the cost of unheard-of efforts, they will succeed in saving 32 of the 33 men in the crew. Facing the destructive anger of the ocean, 36 men, refugees on a boat scheduled for 12, will do everything possible to go home.

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