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The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds: In the dystopian sci-fi thriller for Young Adults, kids with special abilities are tracked by the government and put into camps.
In a dystopian future, there are no more children. A plague has killed almost all children around the world, and survivors have changed after the epidemic. Even the ten-year-old (Lidya Jewett) experiences first-hand what this change means. Suddenly she has powers she can not control. Ruby is sent to a detention center for the surviving children. When Ruby turns 16 (Amandla Stenberg), she can no longer hide her powers.
After the breakout from the camp Ruby is being pursued by soldiers of the government. Together with other teenagers she goes in search of a safe haven. She also gets to know Liam (Harris Dickinson), who also develops superpowers. As they encounter more survivors, the teens begin to organize resistance to the brutal government. Together they can overthrow the system.

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