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Rocketman: Biopic and Musical meet in an extraordinary mix to illustrate the most important moments in the career of Sir Elton John.
Already at the age of 11 years Reginald Kenneth Dwight (Taron Egerton) is considered a musical genius. The son of Sheila Eileen Dwight (Bryce Dallas Howard) attends the Royal Academy of Music, but it will be several years before the final breakthrough under the pseudonym Elton John. Together with longtime songwriter Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell), Elton John composes his first album – which flops. However, the exceptional artist can not be stopped by it. The most important moments of his career are summarized in the film musical.
The first information on the planned Elton John biopic make you want more: After a long back and forth – originally stars like Justin Timberlake (“Wonder Wheel”) or Tom Hardy (“Venom”) should take over the lead – could be director Dexter Fletcher prevail with his vision. After a screenplay by Lee Hall, the film is less than biopic, as come along as a colorful and flamboyant musical and musically illustrate the most important moments in the career of Sir Elton John.
That Dexter Fletcher has the necessary background knowledge for such a project, he should put the long-awaited Queen biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody” to the test. Especially since Fletcher has full creative freedom in “Rocketman”. With Taron Egerton, Flechter may have found a lead actor who has his full support of Sir Elton John in person – after all, the two already know each other from the shooting of “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”. In addition, in the musical animated film “Sing,” Egerton has already performed the Elton John classic “I’m Still Standing.”

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