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Red Sparrow

Young, ambitious, beautiful, a weapon – the Russian agent Dominika Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence) was trained as a so-called “Red Sparrow”. Their task is to seduce enemy agents and sneak into the enemy’s mouth. In this function, Egorova is set on the young CIA agent Nathaniel Nash (Joel Edgerton). Soon the two are in love with each other. But can they trust? Or were they merely set up to betray their country? Everyone mistrusts the other. Then Egorova and Nash are hunted by killers of both secret services around the world.
“Red Sparrow” – background
Similar to the thrilling spy thriller “Atomic Blonde” with Charlize Theron, “Red Sparrow” also focuses on a woman. Conclusion with martini and mother complex – instead, “Red Sparrow” is the image of an impassioned agent. It should be realistic and brutal. After all, the film is based on the book “Operation Red Sparrow” by the author Jason Matthews, who has worked for the CIA for a long time. And as director Francis Lawrence (“The Tribute of Panem: Mockingjay”) explained, the filming strikes a hard R rating. Translated to German FSK this means about an age release of 16 and upwards.
The reason for the surprising rating is not only the uncompromising violence. In addition, the thriller with its adult theme may also contain some explicit scenes. After all, Jennifer Lawrence (“Passengers”) slips into the role of a professional seductress. Her opposite is the “Loving” star Joel Edgerton. In addition, Jeremy Irons (“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and Charlotte Rampling (“Assassin’s Creed”) have already been confirmed.

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