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Power Rangers

Jason (Dacre Montgomery), Kimberly (Billy, Trini, and Zack) are normal high school students who are not necessarily the coolest of their level. They become friends and make an excursion to a nearby restricted area. There they come into contact with a mysterious substance that gives them special power. Suddenly nothing and no one seems to be able to do anything to the outsider clique. They are stronger, faster, more cunning than any other. They still have to learn to deal with their new-found super-powers, instead of knocking out their fellow-human beings by accident with a nice-looking flip-up on their backs. When their small town Angel Grove and the whole world are about to be destroyed by aliens, the five friends have to stand together and unite their forces in the fight against the evil intentions of the universe. Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), a 65-million-year-old alien, has returned to earth and is threatening the Rangers. Destiny has turned them into superhelves, but in order to follow the call of their destiny, they have to overcome everyday problems and act as a group. Her mentor Zordon and former Red Ranger (Bryan Cranston from “Breaking Bad”) are there to help with advice and action.
Director Dean Israelite directed the live action film of the same franchise, which began in 1993 with the “Power Rangers” TV series and was expanded with several filming and spin-off series. Despite criticism of the representation of violence the popularity of the Power Rangers among the fans did not detract – and meanwhile the universe is long ago not only childlike fans reserved. The live action film is supposed to fill the franchise with a new life and give it a more modern image.

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