In a retirement home, a group of women gather to make their long-cherished dream come true and become a cheerleader.
Retiree Martha (Diane Keaton) moves to the senior residence Sun Springs near Phoenix, where she spent her retirement relaxed under the palm trees. Actually, she does not expect much from life, but then she meets her fun-loving roommates Sheryl (Jacki Weaver), Alice (Rhea Perlman) and Olive (Pam Grier).
To get a little bit of swing into the daily lives of retirees, the women decide to form a cheerleading team. Just like in high school, they put on a casting and look in advance at the very different dance talents of the applicants.
Martha and her friends take their new hobby otherwise seriously and look for a young cheerleader, they consider the post as a trainer for suitable. From now on, they are in such a good position to train for a competition that has it all and for which the ladies really have to give their all to prove themselves against the young competition.
In the trailer you get a first taste of the dancing pleasure of the older ladies:
Director Zara Hayes actually comes from the documentary industry and made in 2013 with her work “Battle of the Sexes” attention. Her interest in sports topics was aroused. During her research, she stumbled upon a retiree cheerleading group that immediately intrigued her. The idea for “Dancing Queens” was born, paving the way for Hayes’ first feature film. In addition to the sporting aspect, it was important to Hayes to work out the still marked love of life and friendship of the senior women.
In the supporting roles, we see Hollywood icon and Oscar winner Diane Keaton, who were last seen in “Book Club” in the cinema, as well as in other roles Jacki Weaver (“Silver Linings”), Pam Grier (“Jackie Brown”, ” The L-Word “) and Rhea Perlman (” Cheers “).

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