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Playmobil- The Movie

In the first Playmobil movie, the colorful world of the big blocks is brought to life through wonderful 3D animations – with Daniel Radcliffe as the speaker.
Playmobil is just a dumb toy – or not? When young Charlie (originally spoken by Gabriel Bateman) is suddenly drawn into the huge Playmobil Universe, his big sister Marla (Anya Taylor-Joy) does not trust her eyes. Right now Charlie was standing in front of her. But before Marla is aware, she is drawn into the block-world and finds herself on the other side as a genuine Playmobil figure again.
Marla needs a moment to get her bearings. Her little brother has disappeared somewhere in the vast world. Together with the charismatic secret agent Rex Dasher (Daniel Radcliffe), the planned Foodtruck owner Del (Jim Gaffigan) and a lively fairy (Meghan Trainor) Marla goes in search of her brother. Why were they even drawn to the Playmobil world? Is it possible that the evil Imperator Maximus (pop star Adam Lambert) is behind the kidnapping?
Lego has already demonstrated how wonderfully our childhood fantasies fit on the big screen. The Lego Batman Movie was one of the biggest insider tips of the year 2017 for “The Lego Movie”. Already “The Lego Movie 2” is announced for the spring of 2019. With “Playmobil – The Movie” is now a completely new toy universe filmed.
Pirates, Vikings, Romans, cowboys, fairies – there is nothing that does not exist in the big Playmobil world. And as the trailer already shows, the different subject areas will also be housed in the colorful animated film for the whole family. Including some allusions for the adult audience. The adventure is staged by Lino DiSalvo, who worked for 17 years at Disney’s Animation Department on projects like “The Frozen” before being allowed to make his directorial debut with “Playmobil – The Movie”.
Curious is also the great cast of “Playmobil – The Movie”. In a dual role as an actress and voice actress, we may experience shooting star Anya Taylor-Joy (“Glass”). At her side is also Gabriel Bateman (“Benji”). One sensation, however, is the cast of “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe (“Swiss Army Man”) as voice actor – his debut as a voice actor in an animated film.
Also the German synchronization list is not to be despised: In the German cinema version we get the actors Matthias Schweighöfer and Wilson Gonzales Ochsenkencht to hear, also musicians Michael Patrick Kelly and Beatrice Egli, comedian Ralf Schmitz and Christian Ulmen and sports legends Regina Halmich and Felix Neureuther.

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