Open House

The Open House: In Netflix’s Haunted House thriller, Dylan Minnette, the “dead girl does not lie” star, is hit by a slasher hiding in his home.
After his father died in a car crash, high school student Logan Wallace (Dylan Minnette) and his mother Naomi (Piercey Dalton) are forced to leave the family home. They simply can not afford it anymore. Luckily, Naomi’s sister has some advice: She owns a mountain cottage where Logan and his mother can stay. The only catch: The house is for sale. Every Sunday there are sightseeing appointments.
While Logan and Naomi are trying to establish themselves in the new environment, they come into contact with the inhabitants of the small community. What’s up with the quirky neighbor (Patricia Bethune) and the shop assistant (Sharif Atkins) in the store? Even in the house, the strange events seem to pile up. Did one of the visitors hide in the house during a viewing appointment? It is clear that Logan and Naomi will soon have to fight for survival, because the open house offers no protection.
Newcomer director Matt Angel has staged a classic Haunted House thriller for Netflix, based on the slashes of the 1980s. The script was written by Angel together with the author Suzanne Coote. In the main role of “The Open House” is no other than young star Dylan Minnette to see, who not only took the lead in the hit series “Dead girls do not lie”, but was also in the great shocker “Do not Breathe” to see.

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