Newsies- The Broadway Musical

The “Newsies” were the Newspaper Boys, who in the New York the century turned on the street newspapers to the man and the woman brought. Also, Jack Kelly (Jeremy Jordan) is such a seller of printed news and works in Manhattan. Jack leads with Charisma and Mind a small sales force, but must increasingly realize how bad the conditions are in their profession. Big publishers such as Joseph Pulitzer (Steve Blanchard) raise prices and make the big rubbing while Jack and his guys have to live in almost unacceptable conditions. Because, contrary to the newspaper delivery today, the guys had to buy a certain contingent of newspapers at a fixed price, then sell them at a higher price on the street. But: Good headlines help with selling and the “New York World” by publisher Pulitzer reports only about the same and the sale becomes ever more difficult. As Pulitzer once again increases the price per 100 newspapers, the Justice-loving Jack bursts the rage and courage of despair. He wants to start a trade union and calls the newsies to the strike.
The story of the uprising of the Newsies is based on real events. In 1899, the great strike of the newspaper youths took place in New York City. The film began with the film “Die Zeitungsjungen” by Kenny Ortega from 1992 with the still very young Christian Bale in the role of Jack Kelly. The film musical was then performed in 2011 to a theater musical and the Paper Mill Playhouse. 2012 was then celebrated with this piece premiere on Broadway. “Newsies” shows the eponymous Disney musical, whose music comes from Alan Menken, on the big screen.

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