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My Days of Mercy

Lucy (Ellen Page) and her siblings Martha (Amy Seimetz) and Ben (Charlie Shotwell) are moving in a motorhome across North America to attend protest events against the death penalty. Her motivation is her own father – sentenced to death for killing his wife. The common children are, however, convinced of the opposite and want to protect him from the execution of the sentence.
Against this backdrop, Lucy meets the young lawyer Mercy (Kate Mara). The chemistry between the two is immediate and they are attracted to each other. In terms of the death penalty, however, they are in contrary camps.
Israeli director Tali Shalom-Ezer staged a complex drama with “My Days of Mercy”, which on the one hand addresses the hotly debated debate about the death penalty and also addresses a young lesbian lover. On the one hand, Lucy and Mercy have to deal with the reactions of their environment, on the other hand, like the state in which they live, they are divided over the use of the death penalty. Nevertheless, they seek the conversation and the exchange, want to understand the other side. Both women have very family-based backgrounds, why they make up for one side or the other.
The fragile Lucy is epitomized by Ellen Page, who starred in the movie “Juno” and has shown a strong performance. She is also currently on the Netflix series “Umbrella Academy”. At her side is the strong police daughter Mercy, played by Kate Mara (“The Martian”).

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