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Mile 22

Mile 22: In the action thriller Mark Wahlberg as an elite soldier of the secret organization Overwatch must prevent radioactive material from falling into the wrong hands.
If diplomacy and military fail, it takes a third option. This option is the secret CIA organization Overwatch. Officially, Overwatch does not exist, the members are ghosts who operate under the radar. No tracks, no rules. The organization also includes the elite soldier James Silva (Mark Wahlberg). When four kilograms of radioactive material disappear – enough to destroy several major cities – Silva and his team (Ronda Rousey and Lauren Cohan) are called upon to neutralize the danger.
Where the missing material is, spy Li Noor (Iko Uwais) might know. Although Silva does not know if he can trust Noor, he agrees to a deal with the dodgy agent: Silva gets all the information he needs when he brings Noor out of the country. The distance from the embassy where Noor is detained to the pick-up point is exactly 22 miles. But Overwatch is not the only organization after the spy.

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