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In the second horror movie of “Hereditary” director Ari Aster, a couple participates in a Swedish midsummer festival and is the victim of a pagan cult.
On his holiday trip to Sweden, Christian (Jack Reynor) and Dani (Florence Pugh) visit an old friend. He has planned something special for the visit: In the small village there is a traditional midsummer festival on the summer solstice. In Sweden, the traditional festival, in which the white-costumed people dressed in flower and dancing around a corn stick, is simply called Midsommar. Legend has it that magic things happen to this feast. It will be a nightmare for Christian and Dani.
A summery road trip, a pagan festival and a cult that practices cruel rituals – “Midsommar” has what it takes to become the horror film hype of 2019. In Germany “Midsommar” will be released on September 26, 2019. A FSK age rating has not yet received “Midsommar”.
“Midsommar” – Backgrounds
With his feature film debut “Hereditary”, the director and screenwriter Ari Aster catapulted from the state into the top league of horror film. “Hereditary” is considered a masterpiece and could inspire not only the critics, but also developed with a worldwide grossing of 80 million dollars to the most successful film of the production company A24. No wonder that since then all eyes are on Ari Aster. Can he stop the success and produce a second masterpiece?
There are still very few details about the “Hereditary” successor “Midsommar”. So far it is known that Ari Aster is again responsible for direction and script. In addition, the cast of Jack Reynor (“Kin”) and Florence Pugh (“Outlaw King”) was announced. Also interesting is the cast of Will Poulter, who starred with Jack Reynor in Kathryn Bigelow’s “Detroit”. Also included was William Jackson Harper (“Paterson”).

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