For the 9th time, Hugh Jackman returns to his Wolverine parade track. That will also be his last appearance as a mutant with Adamantium skeleton, because the story is based on the “Old Man Logan” comic series, in which Logan looks over 50 years after the X-Men into a dreary future. In a dystopian world, in which the supersurge have taken over, the miserable remainder of the mutants eats their existence in secret. Logan (Hugh Jackman) takes care of his old companion, Professor X (Patrick Stewart), in a scanty hideout near the Mexican border. The formerly powerful telepath and founder of the X-Men is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and threatens as well as the aging Logan to lose his powers. When a mysterious girl with superhuman powers (Dafne Keen) emerges, the remaining X-Men have to pull up one last time. For the corrupt entrepreneur Nathaniel Essex aka Mister Sinister and other bad guys like Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) want to use the girl for their evil purposes. The last fight of the X-Men has begun.
After the great success of the “X-Men” franchise, Wolverine became one of the most popular mutants of its own spin-off – with moderate success. A reason why the predecessors “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “Wolverine: Way of the Warrior” were rather mixed, is certainly the age release. The fans wanted a long time a FSK 16 film, as it is synonymous in the comic templates are rather brutal, but have been so far with family-friendly FSK 12 consoling. After the immense success of “Deadpool”, which is one of the few super hero films from the age of 16, the studio 20th Century Fox was able to inspire a more adult “Wolverine” movie. To make this possible, Hugh Jackman has even waived part of the salary. The result is an uncompromisingly melancholic melody to the “X-Men”, directed by James Mangold (“Walk the Line”). Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart are supported by a prominent cast: Boyd Holbrook (“Narcos”) and Richard E. Grant (“The Iron Lady”) are Stephen Merchant (“Hello Ladies”), Eriq La Salle (“Emergency Room “) and Elise Neal (” Hustle & Flow “). The script is written by Michael Green (“Green Lantern”, “Smallville”) and Scott Frank (“Wolverine: Way of the Warrior”), who have already made experiences in the superhelden genre.

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