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Life of the Party

Her adult life has devoted the housewife Deanna (Melissa McCarthy) completely to her family. But the day-to-day life is rather dreary. Daughter Maddie (Molly Gordon) is enrolled in college, husband Dan (Matt Walsh) is only wearing golf pants all day and leaves his wife’s housework. Deanna does not notice that he has anything to do with. When Dan suddenly separates from her, she falls into a real sense of crisis. How should we go on? Then she comes to the idea to visit her daughter at college.
Of course, daughter Maddie is not at all enthusiastic about her mother’s stippvisite. When the house maid then also turns out to be an absolute partygirl, Maddie tears the patience. Deanne does not care. With her girlfriends from the student relationship (Gillian Jacobs, Debby Ryan), Deanne, who is only called DeeRock by all, pulls through the pubs and pokes pranks to wipe out her personal enemy (Julie Bowen). No one is so easy to deal with Deanne, who has finally found herself as DeeRock.
“Life of the Party” – background
After “Tammy” and “The Boss – Dick in the business”, actress Melissa McCarthy (“Ghostbusters”) and husband Ben Falcone (“Vollabzockt”) with their third community project – a solid college comedy. Together, the two wrote the script, while Falcone finally took over. It was a special surprise of “Life of the Party”, by the way, the guest appearance of “Modern Family” star Julie Bowen as a bitchy intimate enemy of DeeRock.

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