Leave No Trace

Drama by Debra Granik about a traumatized war veteran and his daughter, who lead a secret life in the forest before being discovered.

It is almost like a small garden of Eden: The camp of Will (Ben Foster) and his 13-year-old daughter Tom (Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie) is located in the forest of a sprawling park in Portland, Oregon. Will rarely comes back to the city to get his painkillers, which he sells illegally to other dropouts. The traumatized war veteran and his daughter are linked by a deep relationship and mutual trust. Then the authorities become aware of them.
While Will has visible difficulties getting along in everyday life, Tom enjoys contact with peers. There is only one solution for Will: Back to the forest. Only there does he seem to be able to control his war trauma. But Tom is a teenager who needs to go to school and have a perspective. How will the father-daughter team develop under the pressure of everyday life?
“Leave No Trace” – Backgrounds
With the Oscar-nominated drama “Winter’s Bone”, director Debra Granik has started the career of Jennifer Lawrence. After the documentary “Stray Dog” she is now again presenting a feature film that could turn out to be a real career springboard for his main character Ben Foster (“Enemies – Hostiles”) and the discovery of Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie (“The Changeover”). The sensitive outsider story was highly praised by the critics and was able to earn first prizes in the USA.
The content of the story is based on the relationship of a father-daughter team on the novel “My Abandonment” by Peter Rock. Granik has adapted the novel together with the author Anne Rosellini for the big screen. The two had previously written “Winter’s Bone” together and received an Oscar nomination in the Best Screenplay category.

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