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Kong- Skull Island

A troop of government officials, civilians and soldiers set out to explore a mysterious island in the 1970s. The command of the mixed group has Lieutenant Colonel Packard (Samuel L. Jackson). And he immediately has his hands full, because the arrival on the island is quite different, as the interested excursionists have imagined. Bill Randa, veteran James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston), and the war photographer (Brie Larson) have to find that strange things happen on the solitary island. Something can make the helicopters crash. The survivors of this unsafe landing know that a monstrous monkey lives on “Skull Island”. Above all sublime, like a god, the huge primate strides solitaryly over the island. The expedition group gets some clarification when they meet an island resident and a strange, long-time stranded US American (John C. Reilly). These tell them that the Monkey Kong is the king of the island, but actually not the only monster that lives on the island. You might also find traces of a huge lizard?
King Kong was born in 1933. As the first film monster without a documentary, he captured the screen and never let us go. While the “King Kong” film of Peter Jackson 2005 brought the original to the present, the production under the direction of newcomer Jordan Vogt-Roberts pursues a different concept. He wants to connect directly to the version of 1933 and create a classic film monster, the king of the primates, long before the events, which are supposed to cost him his life. The film is also to be related to the 2018 “Godzilla 2”, whereby the connecting element of both films is the “Project Monarch” from the first “Godzilla” film. Vogt-Roberts had already inspired the critics with “Kings of Summer”.

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