Irrational Man

Professor of philosophy, Abe Lucas is an emotionally devastated man who has lost all joy in life. He feels that no matter what he has undertaken – political militancy or teaching – has been of no use. Shortly after his arrival in the university of a small town, Abe enters two connections. First, with Rita Richards, a companion lacking company that counts on him to make him forget his disastrous marriage. Then, with Jill Pollard, her best student, who also becomes her best friend. If Jill is in love with her boyfriend Roy, she finds irresistible the tortured and whimsical temperament of Abe, like its exotic past. And while the psychological troubles of the latter intensify, Jill is more and more fascinated by him. But when she begins to show his feelings, he rejects her. It is then that the most complete chance upsets the fate of our characters as soon as Abe and Jill surprise the conversation of a stranger and are particularly interested in it. After making a crucial decision, Abe is again in a position to fully enjoy life. But this choice triggers a series of events that will mark him, Jill and Rita forever.

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