The Huntsman Winter’s War

A long time ago, long before she fell under the sword of Snow White, Queen Ravenna must have watched, without a word, the love betrayal that forced her sister Freya to leave their kingdom with a broken heart . The so-called young queen of ice, on account of her ability to freeze any adversary, then endeavored to raise an army of pitiless warriors at the bottom of an icy palace. But within his ranks Eric and Sara were going to undergo his pitiless wrath for having broken the forbidden: to fall in love. Later, at the announcement of the defeat of his sister, Freya sends her warriors to recover the mirror of which she is the only one able to catalyser the dark faculties. From the gilded depths of the psyche, she succeeded in resuscitating Ravenna. The two sisters then return their evil power, increased tenfold by rage, over the enchanted kingdom. Their army will now prove invincible … unless … the two proscribed who had once betrayed the golden rule, undergoing exile and separation, can not find each other …

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