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Home Again

After the separation from husband Austen (Michael Sheen), Alice Kinney (Reese Witherspoon) is destroyed. Somehow, she does not seem to cope with everyday life and her role as a single-parenting mother for the two daughters Isabel (Lola Flanery) and Rosie (Eden Grace Redfield). Maybe she just needs a new beginning. On the advice of her mother (Candice Bergen) Alice moves back to the old home: Los Angeles. When she celebrates her 40th birthday there, she makes a fateful encounter – actually three even.
At the party Alice meets three young, hopeful filmmakers (Nat Wolff, Jon Rudnitsky and Pico Alexander). Because the three urgently need a stay, Alice simply lets them move in with them. The young filmmakers do not just want a change of wallpaper. Soon it also runs between Alice and the sweet Harry (Pico Alexander). But is not Harry much too young for Alice? And how is she to react to the fact that suddenly her ex-husband is standing outside the door again? Neck overhead plunges them into a romantic chaos.
“Love to visit” – background
After the success of “The Big Trip – Wild”, Hollywood ‘s Darling Reese Witherspoon returns with a romantic comedy. On the other hand, Michael Sheen (“Alice in Wonderland: Behind the Mirrors”) and the three young talents Nat Wolff (“Death Note”), Jon Rudnitsky and Pico Alexander (“indignation”) – not to mention the great Candice Bergen (“Rules do not matter”) as the mother of Alice.
Responsible for screenplay and directing is the newcomer Hallie Meyers-Shyer, daughter of the director Nancy Meyers (“If love is so simple”). As a producer, Nancy Meyers was also involved in the debut of her daughter and has brought Reese Withersoon on board. The role of Alice Kinney was to take over Witherspoons playmate Rose Byrne (“Bad Neighbors 2”).

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