Hail, Caesar!

The crazy day of Eddie Mannix will take us behind the scenes of a big Hollywood studio. It was an era when the machine of dreams was constantly turbulent to enjoy indifferently its spectators of peplums, musical comedies, adaptations of refined plays, westerns or nautical ballets of all kinds. Eddie Mannix is ​​staying at Capitole, one of the most famous American film studios of the time. He is responsible for solving all the problems inherent in each of their films.
A job that knows neither the schedules nor the routine. In one day he will have to manage both the susceptibilities of the various religious communities in order to validate their adaptation of the Bible in Technicolor, as well as those of the very precious director Laurent Laurence who appreciates only moderately that he has been awarded the Young hope of the western as headliner of his next psychological drama. He sets the chain in which the artists in the studio have the art and the way to rush on their own. In addition to getting a starlet out of police clutches, or saving the reputation and career of DeeAnna Moran the queen of the nautical ballet, Eddie Mannix will have to elucidate the shady actions of tap dance virtuoso, Burt Gurney. The icing on the cake, he gets to leave with an obscure group of political activists who, while filming the famous biblical blockbuster AVE CÉSAR demands a ransom for the abduction of the biggest star of the Studio, Baird Whitlok. All while trying to curb the journalistic fervor of the two twin and chronic enemies, Thora and Thessaly Thacker. The day promises to be hectic.

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