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Young Frances McCullen (Chloe Grace Moretz) finds a strapless beautiful purse in the New York subway. Decent, she brings them back to the owner: the graceful widow Greta (Isabelle Huppert). She looks forward to the friendly gesture and immediately seeks to be close to the young Frances. Quickly arises between the two ladies a close alliance.
Greta lost a husband and has no contact with the daughter, while Frances lost her mother and leads to her dad a dysfunctional relationship. Only Frances’ best friend Erica (Maika Monroe) views the new friendship with suspicion. Frances soon realizes that her naive honesty could soon be fatal: Greta stores various handbags in a cupboard, which she lays out as bait. A deadly cat-and-mouse game begins.
Oscar winner and director Neil Jordan (“The Crying Game”) stages a psychological cat-and-mouse game with two outstanding women in her field. As the grand dame of French cinema, Isabelle Huppert (“8 women”, “Elle”) has proven on several occasions that she can play complex roles with ease and won prizes such as Golden Globes, BAFTA or the Golden Bear. The main role in “Greta” is no exception.
Opposite them is young star Chloe Grace-Moretz (“Kick-Ass”, “The 5th Wave”), who can look back on an impressive career at just 22 years old. Whether action, horror or drama – the young actress is not too bad for any genre and has recently proven, thanks to “Dark Places”, “Suspiria” or the “Carrie” remake, that she appreciates psychological challenges.

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