Godzilla- King of the Monsters

The age rating for the movie was set to 12 years. This means that everyone from the age of six may also go to the cinema in the company of a person with the right of custody. These are usually the parents. Attention: an adult person is not enough to relax under the age of 12 at the wonderful monster battle!
The iconic giant lizard is not only interesting for adults, but could also be a spectacular event for children. So if your under-12-year-olds ask you if you would like to accompany them to the movies, here are some facts that you should be aware of. In our opinion, the age rating is correct and we would not recommend to fall below it.
Threatening action
It is an action catastrophe film in which there is hardly a scene without threat. Although the events are not complicated, so younger children could follow the story, but it is filthy filmed and the monsters in their full glory are terrifying. There is hardly any humor or other scenes where the tension can be.
But parents know best. If your child is one of the intrepid creatures that did not even flinch at “Jurassic Park” or similar films, the film also contains no really lasting shocking scenes. The explicit violence takes place almost exclusively among the monsters with which empathetic children could also have a lot of compassion. There are also people and titans to death.
The film treats Godzilla in a similar way to a force of nature, although he is not intended to be evil-minded, but he can not be controlled by him either. Younger children could be overwhelmed that it is not clear who is bad and good, because the protagonists do not always behave clearly. It’s about different ways to deal with an oversized threat and the relationship between man and nature. Children may even understand this intuitively, but the film does not provide answers, but rather leaves behind the uncomfortable feeling of being part of a destructive species.

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