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Extinction: In the action-packed science-fiction thriller, Michael Peña dreams of an alien invasion every night – until the nightmare suddenly becomes real.
The family man and engineer Peter (Michael Peña) is visited by a recurrent nightmare every night: An alien force visits the earth to destroy everything. After all, his wife Alice (Lizzy Caplan) and their children also fall victim to the aliens. When he wakes up, everything is back to normal. Are they just dreams or visions of a possible future? While Alice is increasingly annoyed by Peter’s stories, he firmly believes in a deeper meaning.
When one day lights fall from the sky, Peter’s nightmares seem to come true. In fact, the earth is being attacked by aliens. But why are the invaders looking after his family? While Peter’s dream and reality soon become indistinguishable, the family embarks on a daredevil escape from the alien invaders. Then Peter makes a discovery that turns his entire worldview upside down.
Director Ben Young (“Hounds of Love”) stages a surprising and effective sci-fi thriller, which can come up with a final twist that brings everything seen in a new light. No wonder, after all, the script – on which Spenser Cohen (“Moonfall”) and Brad Kane (“Black Sails”) as well as the Oscar-nominated author Eric Heisserer (“Arrival”) have worked for a long time – stood on the blacklist of the most sought after scripts Hollywood. In addition, David Hoberman and Todd Liebermann were already delighted with a well-established producer duo for the project. Together, the two have raised about the genre-pearl “Warm Bodies”.
Long “Extinction” but no luck was shining. After first stars such as James McAvoy (“Split”) were traded for the lead role, could not be found after a change on the director’s chair no sales. The streaming provider Netflix jumped in the breach, the “Extinction” has made since 27.07.2018 freely accessible to all owners of a Netflix subscription. The starring roles include Michael Peña (“Ant-Man and the Wasp”) and Lizzy Caplan (“Allied – Familiar Strangers”), as well as Mike Colter aka “Luke Cage”.

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