Escape Room

In the horror movie “Insidious: The Last Key” director Adam Robitel, a group of six strangers must survive the perfidious death traps of an escape room.

Escape Rooms are tricky puzzles that you have to solve to escape from a locked room. But what if the game becomes bloody reality? A group of six strangers does just that. Only those who are smart enough and have a cool head under extreme stress can live.

In the trailer for “Escape Room” you get an insight into the perfidious death puzzles. More info about theatrical release, FSK and plot of “Escape Room” can be found after the video:
As the gifted but timid student Zoey (Taylor Russell) receives the invitation to an ultimate escape room, she does not suspect she’s being lured into a complex death trap. She, and her five teammates, are lured with a prize money of $ 10,000 that beckons to anyone who can crack all the puzzles. Neither Zoey nor her teammates know that all candidates are monitored by a mysterious organization.
Among them is the stockbroker Jason (Jay Ellis), the alcoholic Ben (Logan Miller), the trucker Mike (Tyler Labine), the war veteran Amanda (Deborah Ann Woll) and the escape room specialist Danny (Nik Dodani) – a colorful Troop who must learn to share their different talents to survive. Because it quickly becomes apparent that every room is a death trap designed to test the players’ special abilities.
“Escape Room” theatrical release and FSK
The premise of “Escape Room” evokes memories of the “Saw” series or “Cube”. A group of strangers must solve deadly puzzles that are nested inside each other. In Germany, “Escape Room” will be released on cinemas on February 28, 2019. The FSK has given the horror thriller an age rating of 16 years.

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