Easy Rider

With no other film, the term New Hollywood is so intertwined as with this sensationally successful zeitgeist prank by independent young filmmaker duo Peter Fonda (production, book, main role) and Dennis Hopper (director, book, lead role). Their journey through America, which was marked by racial turmoil and uncertainty in 1968, with its fatalistic end, already gives a good deal of resignation …
On their way with a load of drugs to take them from Los Angeles to New Orleans, Billy and Wyatt cross the Southwestern United States with their motorcycles. On their journey, they meet hippie communities, expelled provincial citizens, religious sectarians and gunpowder rednecks, which always have a cell for long-haired choppers. Even at the destination of their trip, the duo expects no paradise, but a horror trip in every respect.
Two young men want to make big money with drug trafficking. With their motorcycles they drive through America to their tragic end.

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