The documentary of Disneynature offers amazing insights into the life of the young dolphin Echo who must learn to survive in the oceanic world.
The dolphin echo is still young and playful. But to survive in the vast ocean, he must learn to act and hunt in a team with his family. The documentary by Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey dives to explore the colorful coral reef, where Echo’s adventure begins, and how dolphins live and interact with each other. It also illuminates a whole range of other sea creatures such as shields or the complex interaction between the reef and its environment.
“Dolphins” – Backgrounds
Since 2007, Walt Disney has released impressive nature documentaries under the Disneynature label. “Our Earth – The Movie” has made the beginning. Most recently, “Born in China” was released in 2016, before Disneynature dived into the world of oceans with “Dolphins”.

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