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Deadpool 2

In February 2016, the sequel “Deadpool 2” was officially commissioned by 20th Century Fox. The old creative team of the predecessor “Deadpool” will not be there anymore. Only Ryan Reynolds will return as a bloodthirsty avenger with a big mouth, while the original screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are replaced by Drew Goddard (“Cabin in the Woods”) and not Tim Miller, but the stunt coordinator and “John Wick” Director David Leitch sits down on the executive chair.
Of course, it’s still a mystery how the plot will continue, but already in the aftercredits scene, Deadpool pointed out to his viewers that he may be dealing with Cable in the sequel. On the two-meter-tall H√ľnen he met several times in the comic template. There the half-mutant manages the “X-Force”, a mutant organization that proactively combats terrorist mutants and is not as squeamish as the “X-Men” before.
Cable’s role has long been considered Hollywood’s hottest job. For the role were among others Michael Shannon and “Stranger Things” star David Harbor in conversation. Earlier they were talking about Pierce Brosnan (“The Ghost Writer”), Kyle Chandler (“Manchester by the Sea”) and Russell Crowe (“The Nice Guys”). Meanwhile, however, it is clear that none other than Josh Brolin will take over the role. And he is already familiar with comic adaptations – after all, Brolin was already seen in comic adaptations like “Men in Black 3”, “Jonah Hex” and “Sin City 2”. In addition, he will mimic Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War”.
As a small clue in the direction of the plot of “Deadpool 2”, the already confirmed cast of Jack Kesy (“The Strain”) could turn out to be “Black Tom” Cassidy. Cassidy is a regular opponent of Deadpool in the comics. The rogue is also a mutant with the ability to manipulate plants of all kinds and, for example, divert their energy into a massive explosion. Whether the power deadpool can be dangerous? Cassidy would actually need super earplugs to stand up to the steam talker.

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