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Bumblebee: Spin-off of the Transformers series about the history of Bumblebee, which comes to Earth in the late 1980s and disguises itself as a cult yellow VW Beetle.
California 1987: Transformer Bumblebee found a safe hiding place in a junkyard. The powerful combat robot carries the wounds and scar of lossy battles. Then, the talented young teenager and hobby mechanic Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld) attentive to the yellow VW Beetle. Soon she realizes that under the bonnet a big secret lies dormant. The Sector 7 Agent Burns (John Cena) also discovers the Transformer, who was merely sent as the vanguard of a new wave.
Rumors say the makers of Paramount are already planning a dozen new Transformers films. With details, however, one keeps oneself rather covered. So fans have to wait until the end of 2018 when “Bumblebee” finally hits theaters.
With “Transformers: The Last Knight”, director Michael Bay has said goodbye to the successful franchise. After Mark Wahlberg has stated that he will play in any other Transformers movie more, there is guesswork guessing fans, as it will continue. However, supplies are provided. The spin-off “Bumblebee” plays in content before the first five films and focuses entirely on the popular yellow robot. It is also going to film in a new direction.
Guaranteeing a real fresh start is director Travis Knight (“Kubo – The Brave Samurai”), who has already stated that the story of “Bumblebee” will revolve around the relationship between the talented Charlie and the alien robot. While classic “Transformers” elements such as fat battles may not be missing, they may not be in focus. Overall, “Bumblebee” should appeal to a younger audience and is designed as coming-of-age story.

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