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“Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn turns Superman’s story upside down and reinterprets it as a grim superhero horror movie.
In rural America, Tori Breyer (Elizabeth Banks) and her husband (David Denman) live on a contemplative farm. Actually they are happy. Only the wish to have children has not yet been fulfilled. Then one night a star falls from the sky and lands in the field. As the two find out, it is an extraterrestrial capsule. In it lies an infant – a gift from heaven for the two unexpected parents.
Young Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) grows up believing that he is a normal child. His alien origins have concealed his adoptive parents. But slowly Brandon develops monstrous powers that make him a deadly threat as a child. Brandon could use those powers to fight for the good. He could become a true superman. But what if he chooses to follow his evil urges?
What if Superman had not become a brilliant hero, but a cruel child monster? “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn explores this exciting issue as producer of the superhero horror movie “BrightBurn”. With its unusual premise, the bleak reinterpretation of a world-famous myth could finally bring a breath of fresh air into the superhero genre, which spits out more and more blockbusters, but in terms of creativity rather stabs on the spot.
Gunn produced the genre mix after a script written by his brother Mark Gunn with cousin Brian Gunn. The film is directed by David Yarovesky (“Guardians Of The Galaxy: Inferno”) starring Elizabeth Banks. Her son and prospective super villain is played by actor Jackson A. Dunn.

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