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Film adaptation of the true story of the Christian author Joyce Smith whose adopted son after a calamity in the ice as from the dead resurrected.
The small town of Lake St. Louis in the state of Missouri is a community that holds together closely. Basketball, well-groomed front gardens. The family of Joyce (Chrissy Metz) and Brian Smith (Josh Lucas), who take care of 14-year-old adoptive son John (Marcel Ruiz), also live here. John is the pride of both parents. The model child plays in the basketball team and is involved with the parents in the church. Then a misfortune happens.
When John and his friends meet on the ice of frozen Missouri Lake, the ice breaks and John is dragged underwater. By the time the rescuers arrive, 15 minutes pass before John lies in the icy water. Seemingly endless, the doctors try to revive him. But every rescue is too late – John is clinically dead. When his mother hears about it, she refuses to give up hope and folds her hands on the deathbed. And in fact, a miracle happens.
The story of John Smith, miraculously brought back to life after he was declared dead, went through the American media. Together with co-author Ginger Kolbab, Joyce Smith described her experiences – the catastrophe, the miracle and the support of the church – in the book “On Thin Ice”. Finally, hit producer DeVonFranklin – a specialist in Christian edification films such as “Himmelskind” – became aware of the material.

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