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Before I Fall

Samantha Kingston dies on Valentine’s Day at an Autounfall – over and over again. The next morning, she just wakes up and experiences the day again. Slowly, Sam (Zoey Deutch) realizes that she has not just a new opportunity but seven new opportunities to make her life real. Because the 17-year-old student only superficially leads a perfect high school life.

How can one re-understand one’s life? Only through the resurrection Sam begins to question their current environment. Actually, her friends Lindsay Lindsay, Ally (Cynthy Wu) and Elody (Medalion Rahimi) are quite mean. Even her friend Rob (Kian Lawley) is nice, but superficial. In order to use the remaining time properly, Sam is the first time for another person.
“When you die, your whole life passes by you, they say” – background
What would you do if your last day were today? “This question is the book of American author Lauren Oliver, published in 2010. Just as in the movie “And every day greets the marmot” with Bill Murray also plays the book with the thought of what would happen, who is stuck in a time loop. The high school student Sam can only escape the cycle if she corrects the mistakes she made in life.
The novel “When you die, your whole life passes by you, they say” is not just about the “And daily greeting the marmot” phenomena. While she is in a state of time, Sam experiences the classic five phases of grief: denial, anger, action, depression and most recent acceptance. This development is also traced in the film. This is how Sam acts every day with his classmates before she can save herself.

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