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Beauty and the Beast

The pretty Belle (Emma Watson) lives with her father in a small French village. When she finds herself in captivity in the eerie castle in the nearby forest, she sets out to save him. In the process, she becomes the prisoner of the house owner (Dan Stevens), whom she does not first see. When she sees him, the fright is all the greater. He is a mad beast. But the sensitive facade of the creature hides a sensitive heart. With delicacy and patience, he lures Belle out of the reserve and tries to make her involuntary stay on his castle tolerable, indeed even pleasurable. For, as it will turn out, the beast does not pursue evil intentions, which are forbidden in the village, but has a fabulous plan. In order to be able to do this, however, he has to convince Belle to stay with him. Meanwhile, the village community, under the guidance of Bell’s admirer Gaston (Luke Evans), is making a storm to the enchanted castle to free Belle. But they ignore the benign side of the beast and do not know that Belle might not want to leave his castle. Even the Schlosspersonal, which turns out to be a talking cup of Mrs. Potts and candlestick Lumière (in the English original by Emma Thompson and Ewan McGregor), moves her to stay – what is hidden behind her intensions?

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