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Baby Driver

The young Pirates of the Caribbean (Ansel Elgort) has a special talent: If he heads the headphones and bounces his Playlist, he is absolutely unbeatable behind the wheel. For the gangster boss Doc (Kevin Spacey), Baby takes care of the logistics when it comes to carrying out the next coup. This changes however as a baby the waitress Debora (Lily James) knows and wants to get out of his old life.

Unfortunately, there is still a fault, the baby must. Driven by Doc, the driver sits behind the wheel for the last time to bring the gangsters (Jon Bernthal) and Buddy (Jon Hamm) and his girlfriend Darling (Eiza Gonzalez) safely from A to B. But then also the unpredictable waffle of Bats (Jamie Foxx) in the car rises in the car.
“Baby Driver” – background
The action-thriller “Baby Driver” is an uncompromising Heist-Movie, which focuses entirely on cool chase scenes and stunts. “Shaun of the Dead” director Edgar Wright (“Scott Pilgrim against the rest of the world”) has created a particularly individual character: the high-born baby who is forced to listen to music constantly due to a tinnitus. This gives Wright the opportunity to stage “Baby Driver” intensively as a music video.
The fact that Wright wanted to shoot a music-driven action film, he has already explained in various interviews. How consistently he put his plan into action, should nevertheless surprise. “Baby Driver” is backed up with an extraordinary soundtrack, the classic of Lionel Richie as well as fast punk of “The Damned”. The music even partially takes over the lead, when shots are coolly synchronized to the beat of the music.
In the past, director Edgar Wright was able to live his dream in miniature. For the song “Blue Song” of the band “With Royale”, Wright made a music video in 2003, which revolves around a curse driver and a group of bank robbers. The British comedian Noel Fielding took over the role of the driver.

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