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After Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman Aquaman now another Justice League member gets its own spin-off – with Jason Momoa in the lead role.
More than two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered in water – here Aquaman (Jason Momoa) rules over the oceans. With his telepathic powers, he commands powerful sea creatures such as sharks, octopi and whales, while relying on land for his super strength and quick reflexes. King of Atlantis, ruler of the seas – but that was not always the case!
Aquaman is the child of two worlds: While the father Tom Curry is a normal person, the mother comes from the lost kingdom of Atlantis. In order to claim his rightful legacy as King of the Mythical Realm, Aquaman must learn to control his powers both on land and under water. His path leads him through countless worlds hidden beneath the surface of the ocean. But there are also big dangers lurking there.
Aquaman gets the necessary support from the mermaid Mera (Amber Heard). It can also do a lot and has the power to manipulate the water itself. As a consultant also Vulko (Willem Dafoe) is on Aquaman’s side. Together they fight against Aquamans, the super villain Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson), who claims to be on the throne of Atlantis. In his lust for power, the Ocean Master does not care if he summons massive natural disasters to destroy the entire world.

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