Apostle: “The Raid” director Gareth Evans shocks with a brutal-dark horror movie about a religious community that performs cruel rites on an island.
In 1905, opium-addicted Thomas (Dan Stevens) receives a letter from his estranged father. Thomas is the black sheep of the rich family. Nevertheless, he is urged by his father for help because his sister was abducted by a mysterious cult on a remote island, the family is being blackmailed. Thomas is to drive to the island and free his sister from the clutches of the cult.
Barely arrived on the island makes Thomas acquaintance with the prophet Malcolm (Michael Sheen) and his sect. Amazed, Thomas notices the strange occult practices of the community. Why do the members put a blood victim in front of their doors every night? Together with Malcom’s daughter Andrea (Lucy Boynton), Thomas delves deeper into the cult and learns that the church is about to collapse. Crops stay out, the animals die – a cruel curse seems to be over the land.
With the two martial arts crackers “The Raid” and “The Raid 2” director Gareth Evans catapulted almost from the state to the top of the action cinema. With “Apostle” he now devotes himself to a dark-brutal gene mix of occult horror and nerve-racking torture porn – certainly not for the faint hearted. Evans has already had some horror experience with the short film “Safe Haven” for the episode horror movie.

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