Alice Through the Looking Glass

When attending a reception in the residence of Lord Ascott, Alicia is invaded by the emotion and flee of the party, where it is with Absolem. Now it’s a blue monarch butterfly, and gets Alicia to be able to return to the fantastic world of Infratierra. There he meets with his friends: the White Rabbit, the Smiling Cat, Dormouse, the Hare, the Tweedles and the Mad Hatter, who, unfortunately, is no longer the same. The Hatter has lost his “lot”, so Mirana sends Alice to find Time itself. Time, a peculiar half human creature, half clock, lives in a vacuum of infinity and possesses the chronosphere, a metallic sphere that will allow Alicia to return in time to try to save the Hatter’s family, which, according to the Queen Blanca, will save the Hatter.

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