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A Dog’s Journey

Continuation of the first part “Bailey – A friend for life”, about a dog soul traveling through several bodies to make a promise.
After many adventures, Bailey (originally spoken by Josh Gad) has meanwhile made himself at home on the farm of “his man” Ethan (Dennis Quaid) and his wife Hannah (Marg Helgenberger). To his great pleasure, he has now also got a new playmate: Ethan’s granddaughter Clarity June, short CJ. The little girl takes good care of the dog’s well-being (and willingly provides leftover bacon), celebrates tea parties with him and rewards him with one or the other petting.
But one day, CJ’s mother Gloria (Betty Gilpin) decides to break away from the caring in-laws and take charge of her own life, so she leaves the farm with CJ and leaves. Not only Ethan and his wife are having a hard time saying goodbye, Bailey, too, is struggling with that. As his life comes to an end, he promises Ethan to find CJ in his next life and watch over her.
Said to have done: Bailey is reborn as a new dog and stumbles the now 11-year-old CJ at the feet. He accompanies her on the path of growing up and knows how to put a smile on her face in every situation.
After the success of the first part “Bailey – A friend for life” was quickly determined that there will be a sequel. The second “Bailey” film is based on the book by the author W. Bruce Cameron, who is known for his humorous dog story, but also for the template and the screenplay of the series “My wild daughters”. Since the new film focuses on female characters, they were looking specifically for a director. Double Emmy winner and “Modern Family” director Gail Mancuso found the ideal cast for this position.
In the role of Baileys “Soul Man” Ethan we see once again Dennis Quaid, his wife Hannah is represented by Marg Helgenberger, who is mainly known from the crime series “CSI: Vegas”. For the adult CJ and thus Bailey’s new mission Kathryn Prescott was cast, who was recently able to show the main role in the horror film “Polaroid” to a larger audience.

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