A Cure for Wellness

Lockhart (Dane DeHaan) is sent by his company to the Swiss Alps to pick up his boss there. This has deeply entrenched itself in the solitude in a luxurious wellness center. As Lockhart enters the place, he senses that something is wrong. He gets to the bottom of the inconsistencies, but is quickly hindered by the senior staff. They want to put Lockhart out of action by testing their health and diagnosing a disease. Lockhart is to undergo a dubious recovery process. When he finds out that he is not the only guest with this disease, the skepticism seizes him. All the patients of the institution are alleged to suffer from this disease and as prisoners wait and lick them all at the wellness institute after healing.
Star director Gore Verbinski returns with this film to the horror genre, which he already enjoyed with the successful US remake of the Japanese creep “The Ring”. The creepy athmospheric trailer suggests that he has not yet gotten out of the way, despite the various genres: from adventure comedies “Pirates of the Caribbean” 1-3 and the action film “Lone Ranger” to the animated Western “Rango”. For the latter Verbinski 2012 even received an Oscar in the category Best Animation film.
For “A Cure for Wellness”, Verbinski’s young actor Dane DeHaan, whose delicate stature and pallor, perfectly suits the intimidated but intelligent Lockhart, who is more familiar with his sensitivity than the lulling, mysterious phrases of spa doctors.
For the shooting of this German-American co-production, the team moved to the Hohenzollern castle in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, as well as to Saxony-Anhalt and the small town of Zella-Mehlis in Th├╝rigen.

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